3 key points that a realtor can provide guidance on:

Anyone who has experienced a home move understands the stress that comes with relocating. My relocation services aim to alleviate this burden by handling the highly stressful and time-consuming task of finding a new home in an unfamiliar area for you.

Market Analysis and Pricing:

As a realtor, I offer insights into the local rental market, assisting in determining an optimal price for your property based on features, location, and market conditions to maximize returns.

Being guided but a relocation professional will make your decision on where to live easier. I will give you all the information you need to make the right decision about the type of home and the neighbourhood or town you want to live in.

Tenant Screening and Lease Agreements:

As a realtor, I navigate tenant screening and craft clear lease agreements, ensuring trustworthy tenants and safeguarding both parties.

With nearly all the important decisions being made before you move to the Collingwood area, you can ease into your new life and quickly become part of your new community.

Property Maintenance and Repairs:

As a realtor, I provide advice to landlords on cost-effective improvements and coordinate necessary repairs to enhance a property's appeal and maintain its condition throughout the lease term.

I offer follow-up services, such as connecting you with recommended local services. I am always here to help before, during and after your move!


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